Christian Kay

Professor Emeritus Christian Kay was educated at the University of Edinburgh and Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts. Following posts as a teacher of English in Sweden, and as a lexicographer with Harper-Collins Publishers, she joined the Historical Thesaurus of English project as a Research Assistant. The project remained her principal research interest after she became a lecturer and then a professor of English Language at Glasgow University, where she is currently an Honorary Professorial Research Fellow.

She founded the Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech (SCOTS) and is a member of the team producing its successor, the Corpus of Modern Scottish Writing.

She is also Convener of Scottish Language Dictionaries, which has responsibility for developing academic dictionaries of Scots. She is joint author with Jane Roberts of A Thesaurus of Old English, and has co-edited volumes of papers, and written articles reflecting her interests in historical semantics and lexicography.

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