Susan Fitzmaurice

Professor Susan Fitzmaurice is Chair of English Language, and Director of Research and Innovation in the School of English at the University of Sheffield. She came to Sheffield in 2006 from Northern Arizona University, where she was Dean of the College of Arts and Letters and Professor in Applied Linguistics. Her specialization is the history of the English language, with a concentration on historical pragmatics and historical sociolinguistics. She has published extensively on letters, essays, history and other registers, including literary discourse.

She has published numerous articles on different aspects of the history of the English language in the Journal of Historical Pragmatics, English Language and Linguistics, as well as in edited volumes. She recently co-edited Studies in the History of the English Language IV: Empirical and Analytical Advances in the Study of English Language Change (Mouton, 2008) with Donka Minkova, and Methods in Historical Pragmatics (Mouton, 2007) with Irma Taavitsainen.